1. Projects

    Our work on hand


    A site promoting education and offering job hunting services and career tips. Part of our corporate social responsibility to share with the community. Co-managed by IMS International and tarap.com (tarap dot com)

    Borneo Walk e-Tour

    An online Tour Operator Business Management System. Manage tour activities efficiently, get better insight and find critical spots. Booking/Reservation management, activity lists combining accommodation, transfers and bus/flights, billing and reportings.


    A Traveller + Tour Operator Web Portal. To be completed by mid of 2015. A portal for travellers and tour operators. For travellers to review and compare tour operators and their tour packages and for tour operators to publish tour packages and manage their booking activities online via mobile phone, tab, ipad, laptops or desktops.

  2. Our story and our service

    Every business has a story

    Our story started since 2000. Developing adhoc system for small businesses and managing IT infrastructures and services. We then gradually expand our service to web development, web publishing and internet marketing for a variety of industries such as government departments and agencies, oil palm plantation, resorts, employment agencies, car wash outlets and golf & country clubs.

    System Development

    Our responsibility to you is to take the best technology available and the best business practice in the industry, combine them together, not just to build an application or a software, but to develop the complete "system" to suit your business operation.

    Web Development

    Here is how things get exciting. You can virtually develop any system with web technologies. You can also use internet infrastructures and implement it within your business. The result? A scalable and internet ready system.

    Good internet marketing will improve leads and brand awareness. These may in turn, be converted into sales and revenue. Internet marketing techniques include, social marketing, content marketing, generic / paid SEO, email marketing, leads buying, back links and many more.

    Web publishing is getting easier nowadays. If you are looking for a unique design for your web presence, try a customed web design.

    What to do next?

    Feel free to drop us an email. Briefly explain your business nature, let us know what you are looking for, and we are glad to guide you in the right direction.

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